Update on COVID timeline

Update on COVID timeline

When we first began to work on this COVID timeline, we were early in the pandemic. We wanted to build something tracking the terrifying and unsurprising evidence that shows the continued shaping of healthcare by racism and white supremacy, ableism, and more. 

We gathered the stories and then, when we were ready, we merged the content we had gathered, the stories of real people that is called data, onto the timeline software and put it up on the website. By the time we did this, we already had too much information.

Our goal had been to keep updating this timeline of COVID so that folks could see what is happening as we live it. We are currently previewing digital sources that are more user-friendly for large political timelines such as this one. In the meantime, we will continue to gather data so that we can come back with a bigger and better timeline that shows the breadth of impact on our communities.

We hope that you and yours stay safe, protected and powerful during these times. We hope to launch the  next iteration in Summer/Early Fall. Thank you for your patience and stay tuned!! 

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