Healing Histories Project


Co-visionaries of this project:  Anjali Taneja, Cara Page, and Susan Raffo, first met as organizers and practitioners in 2009, working towards the US Social Forum in Detroit in 2010. We were a core part of a larger team co-led by us and the Kindred Healing Justice Collective in partnership with Project South, EMEAC and others. Our team built and then held the health and healing justice practice space and the Healing Justice and Liberation People’s Movement Assembly (PMA). The PMA was a strategic gathering of healers, health care workers, organizers and cultural workers who came together to look at the conditions of our people and the opportunities for transformation. Anjali was also involved with the medical response team which worked closely with the health and healing justice teams. Our timeline began at the People’s Movement Assembly. After the Forum, the three of us decided to keep studying and learning together and to continue building the timeline as the focus of our learning. 

Anjali Taneja, Cara Page and Susan Raffo embracing after a working retreat together in NYC
Anjali Taneja, Cara Page, and Susan Raffo in NYC