Healing Histories Project
Healing Histories Project

Healing Histories Project

Remembering histories, transforming futures

Who we are:

We are healers, medical practitioners, organizers, media makers, cultural and memory workers who believe that all deserve care and support during times of crisis, vulnerability & resistance. We come together to inform and shape a...
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COVID timeline

This is a timeline following the emergence of COVID-19 globally and within the United States. In addition to tracking the evolution of the virus itself, this Timeline focuses on the resistance and the response. </p>This...
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Support our Work

Please help us to continue creating relevant popular education tools, updating the COVID timeline and to finally publish the larger timeline covering 500+ years of the Medical Industrial Complex (MIC) that is the heart of...
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This timeline is optimized for viewing on a computer or a large screen reader. If you are using a computer, you can move one timeline point at a time by clicking the left and right navigation arrows on left and right side of the timeline. You can move through numerous dates at once by clicking and dragging the color categories or the months at the bottom, from side to side. If you are using a smart phone, you can use the right and left navigation arrows on the timeline as above. You can also move the timeline by using your finger to hold and drag the color categories or the months at the bottom of the timeline, from side to side.

HHP is seeking Digital Project Manager

We are looking for someone who has experience visualizing content (our data) for an online cultural, educational and/or social justice project. We also need someone who has experience in managing a project that moves this content from and through the copy editing process to visualizing this cultural educational project. A requirement is that the person applying for this position is in alignment with the political and cultural mission of...
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