Healing Histories Project
Healing Histories Project

Healing Histories Project

Remembering histories, transforming futures

What is HHP?

The Healing Histories Project works in solidarity with many health and healing practitioners/workers by holding with dignity and respect the lives and communities they care for and by disrupting abuses of the state.  We are...
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COVID timeline

This is a timeline following the emergence of COVID-19 globally and within the United States. In addition to tracking the evolution of the virus itself, this Timeline focuses on the resistance and the response. </p>This...
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Support our Work

Please help us to continue creating relevant popular education tools, updating the COVID timeline and to finally publish the larger timeline covering 500+ years of the Medical Industrial Complex (MIC) that is the heart of...
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Update on COVID timeline

When we first began to work on this COVID timeline, we were early in the pandemic. We wanted to build something tracking the terrifying and unsurprising evidence that shows the continued shaping of healthcare by racism and white supremacy, ableism, and more.  We gathered the stories and then, when we were ready, we merged the content we had gathered, the stories of real people that is called data, onto...
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