Healing Histories Project

What is HHP?

The Healing Histories Project is a network of abolitionist healers/health practitioners, community organizers, researchers/historians & cultural workers building solidarity to interrupt the medical industrial complex and harmful systems of care.  We generate change through research, action and building collaborative strategies & stories with BIPOC-led communities, institutions and movements organizing for dignified collective care.

Work we have created together

Fortification COVID-19 edition. Fortification COVID-19 Edition is a conversation the three of us had with multiple guests in April, 2020, curated and hosted by Caitlin Breedlove and grounded in our evolving spiritual mandate in and beyond COVID-19. These episodes are centered in the experiences of resistance and abolitionism in response to the colonization and policing of People of Color and Indigenous communities; Queer and Trans; and people with disabilities in the Medical Industrial Complex (MIC). It introduces listeners to the histories that led to this moment as well as the present time expression and future visions needed to transform and intervene on the MIC. Full information and  bios and discussion guide for each episode included in main website. Guests include Talila Lewis, Francisca Porchas Coronado, Dr. Michelle Morse, Professor Jack Tchen, Shira Hassan and Erica Woodland. Episodes without additional information are also available through I-Tunes, Spotify, Stitcher and GooglePlay. 

Abolition in COVID times: A second curation in August 2020, focusing specifically on the relationship between healing justice and transformative justice. This conversation features co-hosts Cara Page and Caitlin Breedlove in conversation with organizers Shira Hassan, Mia Mingus and Sonali Sadequee. The conversation came out of the urgency of Black Lives Matter uprisings in Minneapolis, and across the US, to respond to the police murder of George Floyd and this moment of movement building to interrupt white supremacy, policing & state violence, and anti-Blackness. This podcast was curated by the three of us with Cara on voice-lead.