Healing Histories Project

Oral History Resources

As we shared, the reason for this very close-to-the-ground timeline is that, when we look across histories, it is rare that we have access to the complexity of a lived experience. The stories of what people experienced either get lost through the pressure of time or, sometimes, are intentionally erased because of how they don’t fit the assumptions of what did and didn’t happen. These are oral history documentation projects related to COVID-19. If you have a story to tell, please consider going to these spaces and share what you know. It matters to all of us that you are witnessed; every experience is part of our overall collective reality. It also matters, as we face an unknown future, that our descendants can learn from our mistakes and struggles, as well as our glories. May we help them to build the things that need more time to evolve.

General COVID-19 documentation materials, including regional and statewide, mostly focused on oral histories

Journals of a pandemic

Documenting the signs of the pandemic

Documenting anti-Asian xenophobic violence during the pandemic