Healing Histories Project


We are grateful to every single care provider, both within and outside of formal healthcare settings, who has fought and continues to fight hard for the lives of those who are struggling. We are grateful for those care workers who have shown up for those in pain and for the kin of those whose people were dying and could not be sat with, and those who have not been confused about the violence of racism, of state-mandated isolation through prisons and detention centers, and the violence of poverty which continues to inform who among us is most likely to get sick and die and who is most likely to be protected. May our work here be one small part of ending what should never have started in the first place.

We are also grateful for the following people for how they have contributed to getting the timeline from a vision to something you can use:

  • Chu Ying He for research on images licensed through Creative Commons
  • Alicia Peaker with the Digital Humanities Center at Barnard College for helping us with KnightLab and all things digital
  • Emily McGinn for copyediting glory
  • The staff at Casa de Salud for the behind-the-scenes fiscal care

We are also deeply grateful for every other timeline we drew material from. You will see stories of resistance in prisons and detention centers that we were able to access because of the work of Perilous Chronicle and their commitment to listing uprisings (they stopped tracking in late summer and their system has struggled to stay up).