Healing Histories Project

Why this exists:

This Timeline is part of a larger timeline that we have been working on for the last fifteen years, a timeline of the history and evolution of the medical industrial complex. The timeline of the US Medical Industrial Complex shows the intersections of scientific racism, experimentation and exploitation by the medical industry as an extension of state control and racial capitalism. This timeline weaves together a wealth of data points that helps us to remember these histories. History repeats itself unless we interrupt it, and in order to interrupt it, we must know our histories. Only with knowing these histories can we best understand the context of the present and vision a different future.

And so we are releasing this timeline now, while we are still living in a pandemic, even as the nature of the pandemic is changing. We do this knowing that some of you reading this have lost loved ones to COVID-19. We know that some of us reading this will still experience more loss in one of the tomorrows to come. We are in it. Our physical and mental health, individually and collectively, is impacted. Our people, known and unknown, are dying. We are losing elders.

Let us say that again: we are losing elders.

We are losing people with disabilities, we are losing young people, we are losing whole families, lines of relationships and kin. This is disproportionately affecting Black people, Latinx people, Native people. It is also affecting all our communities. 

We are losing healthcare workers and other frontline caregivers to the virus and to the impact of exhaustion and stress at trying to meet an epidemic with limited resources.

We do not yet know the extent of the impact of this virus on its survivors, both physically and psychologically. 

And yet here we are. All together. In the middle of it.