HHP is seeking Digital Project Manager

HHP is seeking Digital Project Manager

We are looking for someone who has experience visualizing content (our data) for an online cultural, educational and/or social justice project. We also need someone who has experience in managing a project that moves this content from and through the copy editing process to visualizing this cultural educational project. A requirement is that the person applying for this position is in alignment with the political and cultural mission of the Healing Histories Project. 

The Healing Histories Project is made up of healers, medical practitioners, organizers, media makers, cultural and memory workers who believe that all deserve care and support during times of crisis, vulnerability & resistance. We come together to inform and shape a vision for collective care and safety while integrating models of wellness that seek to transform and intervene on medical violence, harms, and abuses rooted in racism and capitalism. We are engaging individuals, communities and institutions to remember these abuses and harms by catalyzing research, action and movement-building strategies. We do this through the creation of popular education tools, workshop curriculum, cultural and political events and more. 

We are a multiracial intergenerational and multi-ability team that centers Black, Indigenous, people of color, people with disabilities and others targeted by eugenecist strategies in our work.

The Healing Histories Project works in solidarity with many health and healing practitioners/workers by holding with dignity and respect the lives and communities they care for and by disrupting abuses of the state.  The release of this COVID-19 Timeline is our first offering. In addition to the COVID timeline, HHP has  been working for 11 years on compiling data related to 500+ years of the Medical Industrial Complex*. This data currently exists in an excel spreadsheet.

This is a six month contract: March 15, 2022 through September 15th, 2022 with the option to extend based on the work.

Application Deadline: January 31st

Interviews: Third and fourth weeks of February

Timeline content finalization:

  • Develop strategy and workplan to ready the research, content and data for timeline publication by September 1, 2022.
  • Either provide copy-editing and/or content-editing skills or be able to identify, contract and supervise copy and content editors. 
  • Create and implement content cleaning and quality assurance process for a small team of students and/or paid staff
  • Create a bibliography of sources cited to be published with the timeline.
  • Support the team in vetting online platforms to hold this content data in a searchable timeline. 
  • Work with the Comms consultant on content finalization with the design and readiness of the digital platform. 
  • Problem-solve content or data issues as they arise. 

Work Culture

  • Ability to work independently and follow deadlines as part of a team.
  • Available during weekdays (at minimum two days per week) 
  • Strong time management skills and direct communication.
  • All Team Meetings once to twice a month 

This contract is for 15 hours a week at $75/hour with a start date by March 15, 2022 (Hours may be worked in any format averaging no more than 15 hours a week). This contract is for six months with the option for review and extension based upon the work and funding. 

To apply: send a cover letter, resume and two work samples. Please send this to info@healinghistoriesproject.com

*Medical industrial complex (MIC)

A for-profit system of healthcare provision, products and technologies causing harm and abuse that is deeply rooted in archaic ideas of who is ‘healthy’ based on eugenic, racist, ableist, and capitalist ideas of ‘normal’ and ‘fit’. The MIC is found across all aspects of care and scientific systems, including social work, alternative medicine and new product development, but it does not define the entirety of scientific, health & care work.